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The WriteMovies Directory is gathering all the best resources for writers and filmmakers, and today we’ve added a new category: the best and most useful books on writing!

No writer is ever done learning. There’s always more to discover about the craft and business of writing and selling scripts, and these books on writing will help you skill-up!

Whether you want to improve your understanding of story structure or how to make a living as a screenwriter, there’s something here for everyone, no matter what are you’re looking to improve in.

We’ve included books that every screenwriter should read such as Save the Cat by Blake Snyder and Story by Robert McKee, for those of you might be just starting out, plus other books for more advanced writers.

If you’ve got any suggestions for other books we should add to this category, don’t hesitate to tell us; you can always contact us with your suggestions at!

Click here to check out this new category about books on writing on the WriteMovies Directory and start developing your writing skills today!

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