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Script sales from March 2021 show that producers continue to focus on remakes and sequels – but there’s also some positive news for original IPs and spec scripts. Despite a real lack of success so far, video game adaptations continue to be popular too.

Take a look at the news below, and think what this might mean for your own projects – and how you might adapt to take advantage of current trends!

  • Classic sitcom BEWITCHED is to see another movie adaptation, the first one – Nora Ephron’s 2005 effort – having been critically panned. Whether there’s really any life left in the concept remains to be seen, but our first impression is that we’d rather see Hollywood developing new IPs isntead of rehashing things that have already been done.
  • Among new things being picked up, FOREVER HOLD YOUR PEACE by Emma Dudley has been acquired from the Black List by Lord Miller. While every writer would prefer to get a sale straight away rather than languishing on the Black List, it can still lead to sales and several successful projects have previously come through this route.
  • There’s another STAR TREK movie in the works – possibly. We’ll remain cautious: there have been all sorts of news around a sequel to J.J. Abrams’ trilogy but it’s been plagued with problems, with both Chris Hemsworth and Chris Pine pulling out of the project. This latest effort is set to be written by Kalinda Vasquez, who previously wrote for STAR TREK: DISCOVERY, but even big franchises can struggle to get off the ground sometimes!
  • Hit PlayStation 4 game GHOST OF TSUSHIMA – a samurai story set during the Mongolian invasion of Japan – is set to be directed for the screen by Chad Stahelski (JOHN WICK). Video game adaptations have rarely done well, either critically or commercially, but increased fortunes for SONIC THE HEDGEHOG and DETECTIVE PIKACHU could indicate the tide is turning. Could GHOST OF TSUSHIMA be another step forwards?
  • Video game developers Ubisoft, in the meanwhile, are looking at original content and plan to work on REPLAY by Annabel Seymour, who participated in Ubisoft’s 2020 Women’s Film & TV Fellowship. The story follows a woman with the power to play her dating life like a video game, and will hopefully be better than the only film produced so far by Ubisoft Film and Television: 2016’s ASSASSIN’S CREED, which… wasn’t great.

Click here if you want to see the full list of March 2021 script sales from Script Pipeline.

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