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It’s time to introduce the first of our winners from the Winter 2020 Screenwriting Contest! Impressing us with its great characters and dark sense of humor, THE OUTSKIRTS OF PARADISE by Montgomery Burt took 3rd place!

Montgomery has won a year of free script development worth up to $3200, guaranteed pitching to industry, and more. See below to find out more about THE OUTSKIRTS OF PARADISE and Montgomery.

And don’t forget to enter the WriteMovies Summer 2020 Screenwriting Contest if you’d like a shot at winning these prizes yourself!

Here’s a summary of THE OUTSKIRTS OF PARADISE:

Stan Wheeler has a bad habit of seducing other men’s wives. On the run from yet another angry husband, he turns up in Paradise, the kind of town where dreams go to die. With no money, no job, and only a broken-down old car to his name, it looks like he’s learned his lesson.

But some habits die hard. It doesn’t take Stan long to start a passionate affair with his new boss’s wife, Darlene. They both want to leave and start a new life together, but they’ve got no money, and it’s impossible while her husband, Earl, is still around.

Until Stan finds a bag of stolen cash. Suddenly everything they want is in reach – if they can get Earl out of the picture first…

And here’s a quick bio of THE OUTSKIRTS OF PARADISE’s writer, Montgomery Burt:Montgomery Burt

In addition to writing the award-winning black comedy screenplay “The Outskirts of Paradise,” Montgomery has completed four feature scripts and written for radio and television. His teleplay “Career Move” was produced for Alfred Hitchcock Presents, and his Twilight Zone script “Borrowed Time” won second prize in a national competition. The CKNW Radio Network also produced his radioplay, “Leonard McTivey’s Last Day at Work.” He received two Praxis screenwriting fellowships through Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, and he runs Upwords, an ongoing screenwriters workshop that develops new talent.

He has won numerous awards for his short scripts which include “Dougie Dog,” “Zombie Corp,” “Darla vs. Hockey,” “My New Purse,” and “Other People’s Lives.” Montgomery has those projects in development along with marketing his feature screenplays.

“The United Guys Network,” a short comedy film he wrote and co-produced with director Tabatha Golat, played at over 50 festivals worldwide and picked up five awards along the way. It’s available here:


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