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Why Hollywood loves book adaptations… and how we can help with yours!

A recent article from The Verge earlier in the year caught our eye. It’s an excellent piece on why Hollywood are so into book adaptations right now. Here’s our summary on the article and our own thoughts on it…

“Why Hollywood is turning to books for its biggest productions” by Andrew Liptak.

“The book is better than the movie!” – it’s a complaint we’ve all heard from audiences. So, why does Hollywood keep the faith with adaptations? In recent times, adaptations have taken off dramatically, all starting with Peter Jackson’s THE LORD OF THE RINGS trilogy, and the best current example being GAME OF THRONES – the biggest TV show in the world right now.

Some reasons why book adaptations work so well for Hollywood:

1. There’s already a plot and a story for them – there’s less risk of them creating a bad story if a good one already exists.

2. There’s a positive knock-on effect to book publishers. A successful film release probably means increased sales of the book itself.

We definitely agree with the first point. Low risk, high-yield when it comes to book adaptations. But good books have more than just a good story. They already have a fanbase. Studios see this fanbase as a guaranteed audience, guaranteed cash in the bank. Then they’ll try to appeal to as many other people as possible, too.

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Read the full article by Andrew Liptak at The Verge here:

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