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How we represent and sell YOUR SCRIPT through Talent Scout International Management…


Talent Scout International Management is a sister business of WriteMovies created by our founder Alex Ross. It’s a boutique agency that concentrates on representing international clients – those whose work can sell in the US and EU. If you come in the top 3 of any of our main competitions and prove your professionalism and quality as a writer, we take you into the fold at TSIM and use our extensive longstanding networks in the industry to pitch and sell your scripts, or sign them up to develop them ourselves with a view to getting your film made with us as producers. (This is how Alex’s film THE LIST was made and is currently coming to fruition for MAGNETIC, written by another WriteMovies winner Carolyn Kras, with producer Diane Nabatoff, with Jon Amiel directing.) Alex has a long track record of successful Hollywood client management (find out more here) and previously launched the careers of writers including Andrew Niccol (THE TRUMAN SHOW, GATTACA, LORD OF WAR), Iris Yamashita (Oscar-nominated for LETTERS FROM IWO JIMA) and author Cornelia Kampf. So if you win our latest competition, or inspire us with a script you submit for consultancy, we have all the right connections to take your script to the top. Don’t miss out – enter now!


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