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You’ve unwrapped all your presents, you’re stuffed from that incredible Christmas meal, and, maybe got yourself a bit tipsy. Now all that’s left is to watch a film… and maybe fall asleep to it. But what do you choose? A modern classic? Or a family-friendly comedy? Well, here are our top Christmas films…

  • John picks ELF – “If you have kids in the house, then this is the film to put on. A rare Will Ferrell comedy that isn’t coarse and brash like other “Frat Pack” comedies. Buddy the Elf (Ferrell) is a sweet and naïve protagonist in a sweet, joyful film.”
  • Jamie picks LOVE ACTUALLY – “The film that is traditional viewing across the pond, the quintessential British rom-com is the film that will warm your heart this Winter. It’s a film that manages to almost perfectly balance its many plotlines with every single character easy to empathize with. If you haven’t seen LOVE ACTUALLY yet, then you really should get on it.”
  • Ian picks IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE – “How can anyone not? Beautiful portrait of small-town life and why it matters to be a good person. Meanwhile, gotta disagree with Jamie, LOVE ACTUALLY brings out the Christmas humbug in me. Bah.”
  • THE SIMPSONS, season 1, episode 1 – We’re not just all about film here! This is one of the perfect episodes to get you into THE SIMPSONS. As Christmas approaches, Homer is in dire need of “saving Christmas”, so he and Bart go to the dog tracks, obviously. They lose all their money but find the perfect Christmas present in Santa’s Little Helper. This episode may feel dated now, but it captures the beauty of Christmas and the brilliance of THE SIMPSONS.
  • DIE HARD – The film that sums up how we feel at Christmas; as hostages to our family. In all seriousness, the film still represents the ideals. A man works through great troubles to just spend time with his family at Christmas – a premise that many a Christmas film has. You may not wanna put this on with Grandma home, but it’s a film that is perfect for that post-turkey hangover.

There’s so many more we could have on here: THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS, HOW THE GRINCH STOLE CHRISTMAS, A CHRISTMAS CAROL – whether Muppetified or not! There’s so much you can put on over this holiday period – and really, there isn’t a wrong answer!

Let us know what your favorite Christmas films of all time are – did we miss anything obviously off our list? Don’t agree with one of our picks? Just head over to our Twitter and Facebook and let us know!

Happy Holidays to you all!

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