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Writemovies Contest #18 Results

Competitions that get you results Contest #18 Results

Contest Winner announced: August 17, 2008
Grand Prize Winner:
Del Vecchio, Anthony: Three Days 2nd Place : Kent,
Randy: Timmy, the Bag Boy 3rd Place: Mansevani,
Celestin – Dies Iraie

Honorable Mention:
Ohle, Bent: Die letzte Fahrt der Pamir Bodereau,
Nicolas: La Vérité sur Edward Nojas Drago,
Cheick: La Residence

Semi-Finalists (official):
Announced by June 11, 2008
Finalists (official):
Announced by July 8, 2008
Abrams, Daniel – Miles Away Abrams, Daniel: Cupid
Abrams, Daniel – Cupid Alexander, Brian: Playdate
Akopayan, Harut – You Or Someone You Love Bodereau, Nicolas: La Vérité sur Edward Nojas
Alain, Vella – Oscar un destin pas comme les autres Corcoran, John: Vaccine 103
Alexander, Brian – Playdate Del Vecchio, Anthony: Three Days
Andréa, Atlan – l’Annonce de Marie Drago, Cheick: La Residence
Angelika, Naujokat – Three of a kind Douglass, Kathleen: Scalloped Potatoes and Ham
Belissimo, Tiffany – Wrong Number, Right person Gantelet, Leo: Shikoku,les 88 Temples de la Sagesse
Belliveau, Lulu – Little Houses Hafen, Carolin: Catch the bug
Bent, Ohle – Die letzte Fahrt der Pamir Hammond, Robert: De Mille
Berezansky, William – Investigative Reporting Kemp-Jones, Diana: Armada Project
Blaickner, Matthias – Ästhetik Kent, Randy: Timmy, the bag boy
Boyd, V.J. – Crypto-Baby Mansevani, Celestin – Dies Iraie
Burke, Kristall – Split Morris, Kenneth: Zombie Love
Carolin, Hafen – Catch the bug Mullen, Tony: The Dilligent Bugs of Kook Bog
Celestin, Mansevani – Dies Iraie Rose, Mike: What Lies Before the Truth
Corcoran, John – Vaccine 103 Varughese, Sugith: Dead Wrong
Costello, Dylan – Grandma Marilyn Warrener, John Andrew / Smith, Ryan David : The Hollywood Players Club
Del Pesco, Nino – The Third Realm Wheildon, Richard: Without a Face
Del Vecchio, Anthony – Three Days Burke, Kristall: Split
Djache, Yannide – Miami: Opération Mégalodon Heiligenmann, Geretta: How not to hire a hitman
Doucette, Gene – Immortal Lee, Suzanne Kim: The Grace of Giants
Douglass, Kathleen – Scalloped Potatoes and Ham Levitan, Jodi: Culture Shock
Drago, Cheick- La Residence Naujokat, Angelika: Three of a kind
Edith, Devillet – Barracuda Contre Johnny Ho Ohle, Bent: Die letzte Fahrt der Pamir
Edwards, Roger – Periwinkles Ryan, Sean: Blood Brothers
Freedman, Harris – Southern Justice Sylvester, M. Allen: The Appalachian Devil
Friend, Dane – One Life Too Many Thometz, Brian: Unscripted Hero
Geffner, Jonathan – While The Village Sleeps
Gill, Doris B. – Birthdays
Gottula, Lori – Free Rain
Hager, Howard & Victoria – Two guys from Brooklyn
Hammond, Robert – De Mille
Hastings, David – The Ninth Crusade
Heiligenmann, Geretta – How not to hire a hitman
Hinton, Brad – The Walls of Black Rock
Horan, John Louis – Rabbit Trails
Jeanne, Painchaud – Marie
Johanne, Pastol – Apokalupsis
Johnson, Tammy L. – The best made plans
Johnson, Michael Angel – The letters
Jones, R. M. – An American Family
Kaiser, Ronn – Bad Angel
Kelly, Jared- Perfect Practice
Kemp-Jones, Diana – Armada Project
Kent, Randy – Timmy, the bag boy
Kim, Sung – Girl Robot
Leach, Barry – Forgiveness for Fregoli
Leach, Barry – Grief From Madame Butterfly
Lee, Suzanne Kim – The Grace of Giants
Leo, Gantelet – Shikoku,les 88 Temples de la Sagesse
Littler, Christopher – Fear of the white death
Levitan, Jodi – CULTURE SHOCK
Makris, Manny – Snow Angels
Morris, Kenneth – Zombie Love
Mullen, Tony – The Dilligent Bugs of Kook Bog
Nicolas, Bodereau – La Vérité sur Edward Nojas
Oliver, Becker – Warum Haschisch verboten ist
Peek, Ryan Michael – A life unscripted
Peek, Ryan – Marie
Petra, Katz – Ruhelose Seele
Phillips, Michael – Finn and Gil
Reeves, Alexandra – Why things burn
Rose, Mike – What Lies Before the Truth
Sambursky, Victoria – Hands free
Schaefer, Christopher – Memorial Day
Schwartz, Kevin – The Garden
Smith, Timothy Jay – FINAL STATUS
Stéphane, Gebel de Gebhardt – History
Sylvester, M. Allen – The Appalachian Devil
Sylvie, Neto-Marques – l’Allié des Elfes
Szrama, Bettina – Madams Gift
Thometz, Brian – Unscripted Hero
Thompson, Jessica – Seven Years
Vang, Daniel – Repossessed
Varughese, Sugith – Dead Wrong
Veronique, Michaut – Se faire l’amour
Victor, Ojeda – Au delà du Tunnel
Vincenzo, Pascale – Duestere Geheimnisse
Warnock, David – Bull Comb Blues
Warrener, John – The Hollywood Players Club
Wheildon, Richard – Without a Face
Wolfand, Marty – Fatboy (&) Carmoday

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