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Writemovies Contest #17 Results

Competitions that get you results Contest #17 Results

Results: International Writing Competition:

We received 1000 screenplays, books, plays, short stories and articles from the following countries: USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, France, Belgium, India, Switzerland, Austria, Russia, Italy, Greece, Nigeria, Georgia, Mexico, Japan, South Africa and The Cameroon. The overall standard was very high, hence the large number of writers we found to be eligible for the final rounds. If you do not find your name on this list, it does not mean that you are a “bad” writer. We sincerely believe that anyone who sacrifices, nights, weekends and often a lot more, to the dream of becoming a writer, is deserving of respect. We decided against many competent works for a variety of reasons. Some were not suited for the cinematic medium. Others were conceptually flawed, in that they either delivered last year’s movie or an idea that was just not feasible. There is nothing sadder than a brilliantly executed “bad idea”, (well, unless it’s a badly executed good idea). But in all honesty, the shelves of most Hollywood pros are lined with these. We hope that those who did not make will stay in touch with us. We have enjoyed our myriad of email exchanges and are working hard at making this site more relevant to your careers. Don’t forget that many of our writers got their careers going by using our consulting service: Click here
With thanks and best wishes to you all,

The team

Grand Prize Winner:
Cyrus Aaron Hill – Disbelief
Second Place :
Charles Winecoff – Split Image
Third Place:
Christian Bourgeois – LE KATANA NOIR
Honorable Mention:
Werner Gerl – Mord auf Entzug

Semi-Finalists (official): Finalists (official):
Oni Adekunle Micheal – THE DAY AMERICA MOVE Elizabeth Appell – Moon Walkers
Deborah Allen – Chronicles of the Judges Chair Tony Bloodworth – Driving A Stick
Liz Alper – Wheat In Chicago Christian Bourgeois – LE KATANA NOIR
Nelly Antona – Danses Macabres Rosemarie Buehler – Das andere Leben
Simona Antonova – Blackbeard Curtis Burdick – JONNIE THE BLACK
Elizabeth Appell – Moon Walkers Alexandria Casey – Love Struck
Alan Armstrong – Preemptive Strike Laurent Cassar – VLAST ORUJIA
Kermit Ashby – White Hats Benjamin A. Chohon – Nothing Lasts Forever: Pilot
Richard Bagley – Till Death-Putting Around Dylan Costello – Ollywood
Stacy Baker – Leaving So Soon Marion Donnelly – Lettre a mon Frere Eternel
Winston Barber – Double Dribble Jean-Guy Ducreux – The Oakglen Murderers
Lisa Barrass – A WOLF IN EDEN Dirk Eichhorst – Cumberland’s Gold
Karl Bauer – BattleWorld: Cerxes 7 Khnata EL HILALI – CD
R.D Bawa – The Result Johnathan Fagundes – City of Killers
Ken Beckrich – Hard Sell Jason Ford – The Last Picks
Scot Beidelman – Instant Hero Sebastien Freymann – ATLAS
Phil Berger – Scrambled Eggs Werner Gerl – Mord auf Entzug
Skip Berry – Gone Henri-Philippe Grig – TULUM
Skip Berry – Another Time Another Place Cyrus Aaron Hill – Disbelief
Tony Bloodworth – Driving A Stick Tom Hobbs – Trauma Junkie
Christian Bourgeois – LE KATANA NOIR Julie Kuss – Finisterre
Alan Brash – Tail Spin Jillian Lauren – The Great Pretenders
Laura Brothers – Homecoming Elisabeth Loesch – Tango Interruptus
Brian Buccellato – I Used To Be Brad Pitt Antonia Martin – Das Mass der Dinge
Rosemarie Buehler – Das andere Leben Ina May – Todestrakt
Curtis Burdick – JONNIE THE BLACK Ina May – Leiser Schimmer Tod
Jennifer Byer – Writing the Roses Pierre Mezerette – Hills
Josh Campbell – Big Ideas Frances Overheu – The Round Table
Alexandria Casey – Love Struck Jeffrey Poehlmann – Ultra Girl
Laurent Cassar – VLAST ORUJIA Pamela Ryan-Hick – Lost Earring in Coit
Marissa Cerar – Human Resources Santa Sierra – Being a Santos
Ray Charles – Kings of the World Belinda Stanley – Graphic Novel
Michael Chatlien – Avant Garde Marie-France VOULOT – Khoul-Rahoul et le général Otto-Dafé
Henry Cherry – Big Chief Gilles Warembourg – ChroniquesPosthumes
Benjamin A. Chohon – Nothing Lasts Forever: Pilot Kelly Wells – The Office – ‘A Dwight Schrute Production’
Benjamin A. Chohon – Nothing Lasts Forever: Treatment Charles Winecoff – Split Image
Benjamin A. Chohon – 30 Rock: Just 4 Kids
Michael Choi – Cranes
Michael Choi – Gods and Men
Shawn Chou – The Mother Hood
Melanie Chung – Ghosts Of Summer
Romeo Ciolfi – The School
Michael Coleman – A Call to Duty
Dylan Costello – The Secret Boulevard
Dylan Costello – Ollywood
Darren Coyle – The Exceptions
Sandi Craig – Saving Face or Nice Mask Dude! – MY NAME IS EARL
Kenneth Crosby – Men of Duty
Matt Dallmann – The Best Revenge
john darko – five ways to split apart the day
Emmanuel DAVEZAN – Ou est l’Ocean?
Paul de Leonardo – Messiah
Leigh Delahanty – Reality Tripp
Justin & Chris DeNino & Norris – Superman Man of Steel
Wood Dickenson – Circular Evidence
William Dickerson – Unknown Soldiers
Michael DiGiorgio – The End Of Time
Marion Donnelly – Lettre a mon Frere Eternel
Jean-Guy Ducreux – The Oakglen Murderers
Jean-Guy Ducreux – Pharaon
Robert DuPont – The Regiment
Wilke Durand – Dance with me
Lacey Dyer – Pine Wood Elementary
Claudia Eckmann – Suicide
Michael Eging – Blood Money
Dirk Eichhorst – Marshall’s Hero
Dirk Eichhorst – Cumberland’s Gold
Johnathan Fagundes – City of Killers
Rachel Fischer – Consulting Fees
Pernilla Flyg – Realm Of Goddess
Jason Ford – The Last Picks
Richard Fordyce – Guardian of the Shore
Sebastien Freymann – ATLAS
Rafael Friedan – Superhuman
Matthew Furman – Counseling the Devil
Eric Gaunaurd – Loss Of Innocence
Keren Genitle – Chiara auf der Suche nach dem Richtigen
Werner Gerl – Mord auf Entzug
David Gillis – The Gray Ghost
Micah Gordon – Company Town
Michael Graham – Hiroshima
david greenberg – The Besserman Codex
Henri-Philippe Grig – TULUM
Kevin Hager – The Power
Paul Harkabus – Death Among Us
Jonathan Harnisch – Freak
Ethan Haymovitz – A Step in the Right Direction
Richard Herstek – Teaching Our Sons to Swim
Cyrus Aaron Hill – Disbelief
Michael Hindle – Two Capes and a Cowl
Michael Hogan – Hunger
Wayne Holloway – Gods Wounds
Adam Hong – Blood Snow
Olugbemiga Idowu – American Dream
Stephen Irwin – Revenant
James Izrael – Murdermouse: Student/Mutant/Killer-for-Hire
Robert Jennings – WHO KNEW?
Gordon Jones – The Goats of Rye Grass Hill
Graham Jones – 30 Rock: The Sport of Kings
Angela Jorgensen – Seos
David Kane – Boat People
Michael Klausner – PASSAIC
Susan Klos – Voices
George W. Krubski – X’s and O’Briens
Steven Kung – 30 ROCK – ‘Rainbow Connection’
Julie Kuss – Finisterre
Jeff L White – Passage
Tim Lake – The Eyes Have It
David Landau – Caretaker
Tom Lane – Five Minutes Alone
Jillian Lauren – The Great Pretenders
Denise Lehr – Comedy Series
Valerie LeMaitre – Mister Bates
Josef Lemoine – Knocksville
Teresa Lewis – Beyond Reason
Mark Littleton – THe Miracle Dogs
John Loar – Can’t afford One
Elisabeth Loesch – Tango Interruptus
Shawn Mahoney – Innocence Is…
gero mannella – Skeletons in the closet
Kelly Marchand – The Thunderbird
Antonia Martin – Das Mass der Dinge
Tony Mason – The Reef
Liliane Matta – Dangerous Ground
Shawn McGee – Unplugged
Brian McKinley – Protecting the Blind Side
Thomas McLaughlin – Millstone Angels
Ina May – Todestrakt
Ina May – Leiser Schimmer Tod B. Meyer – People That Dream Whales That Dance
Pierre Mezerette – Hills
Mary Ellen Michael – The Maestro
Cheryl Miller – Fairies Landing
Rick Momii – Limelight and Cold Pizza
Clint Morey – The Last Master
Paul Morris – Rebound
Tony Mullen – Learning Games
Tony Mullen – Learning Games
Matthew Myers – An Improbable Life
William Nelson – Through These Iron Eyes
Adrienn Nyistor – Paternity Unavailable
Victor OJEDA – Au-delà du tunnel
Gregory O’Leary – The Office: A Copier and A Camera
Lynn Oliver – The Baby Hunter
Frances Overheu – Refuge
Frances Overheu – The Round Table
Justin Owensby – Chapman
Emre Ozpirincci – How To Write A Romantic Comedy
Jeanne Painchaud – Marie
Kelly Parks – Experimental
Gabriell DeBear Paye – Morally Impossible
Gabriell DeBear Paye – Mankeydog! The Ultimate Genetically Enhanced Pet.
Monica Peck – Keeper of Sheep
Ryan Peek – A Pawn in the Game
Jeffrey Poehlmann – Ultra Girl
Margaret Polglase – Berry
Gerard Readett – Roadworks
G. Alan Reitsch – Bird Of Paradise
Juden Rift – Alyssa Rallo Bennett
Robert Rinow – Delayed Departures
Robert Rinow – Fables
Sam Roberts – A Fish Story
Frank Rogala – There’s No Place Like ‘A Home’.
Christopher Roth – Brandert The Mercenary
Karen Rouse – The Closer “Copycat”
Adam Russell – Charlestown
Sean Ryan – KillerApp
Pamela Ryan-Hick – Lost Earring in Coit
Anne Sagel – Shameless
Ryan Saucier – Perfectly Frank
George and Lyn Scholomite – Life Insurance
Gerry Scott – Sir Real : And The Nights Of The Spherical Table
Luke Scrase – Reality Check
Brett Seamans – Californication_Say It Ain’t So
Kyle Shannon – V.I.R.T.U.E
Jon Sharpe – Outside the Box
Kevin Shea – Love Shy
Jennifer Sheppard – Addicted
Santa Sierra – Being a Santos
William Sikorski Jr. – CHOSEN ONE
Stephen Smith – NEWS
Doug Spoors – The Cannons of Costa Rica (The Jarvis Mueller Memoirs)
Belinda Stanley – Chiang
Belinda Stanley – Graphic Novel
Jerry Stark – Runaway Rescue
Anne steinberg – Every town needs a russian tea room
Kristin Page Stuart – Frontera
Emiliano Styles – If Love Could Kill
Carlton Sugarman – The Shadows
Gina Surles – Beautiful Dawn
Chris Swider – Peter and the Chrome Plated Fish
michael teitelbaum – Deadly Addictions
Christopher Touchton – Get it On
Matthias Trawny – Seafood
Jeff Turboff – Kaboom!
Mark Vickery – Impasse of Honor
Marie-France VOULOT – Khoul-Rahoul et le général Otto-Dafé
Scott Walker – Screwed
Robin Warder – The Henchman
Robin Warder – Cinephile
Gilles Warembourg – Les Escamoteurs
Gilles Warembourg – ChroniquesPosthumes
John Warrener – Some Kind Of Normal Life
Craig Wellington – Broken
Kelly Wells – The Office – ‘A Dwight Schrute Production’
Maximillian Whitney – Winter Term
Ed Wiles – THE TOWER
Charles Winecoff – Split Image
Marion Wolf – Faustas Irrungen
Lou Wollin – God Only Knows
Richard Worthy – Pelgrivan
Geoffrey Yeh – Deadweek
Jack Young – Southern Fried Yankees
Steven Zawacki – Orcadia
Francis Zuccarello – Holy Hell

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