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Taking 3rd place in the Summer 2020 Screenwriting Contest is a biopic that grabbed us with its fascinating premise, telling the story of a 17th century nun who went on to live as a man and became a conquistador: THE LIEUTENANT NUN by Matthew Bernstein and Eva Mendieta!

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Here’s what THE LIEUTENANT NUN is all about:

THE LIEUTENANT NUN is a historical drama about Catalina, a young Basque woman living in in the early 17th Century who is pressured into the life of a nun, despite her inner conviction that she should be a man.  She escapes the convent as a teenager and from that day forward, lives as a man under the name Antonio, becoming a master swordsman and conquistador, but ever fearful of having his biological gender discovered.

The brutal realities of the Spanish conquest of the New World, a near death experience, and the love of a good woman reveal to Antonio what it really means to be a man of honor.

And here’s a quick bio of THE LIEUTENANT NUN’s writers, Matthew Bernstein and Eva Mendieta:

Matt Bernstein grew up in New Jersey and has been an immigration lawyer in Chicago for over two decades.  He wrote this screenplay as a love letter to his wife, Eva Mendieta.

He is currently developing “Chicago Immigration Law,” an original pilot for a dramatic television series.



Born and raised in Bilbao, in the Basque Country of Spain, Eva Mendieta is a Professor of Spanish at Indiana University.  She is a leading authority on the early 17th Century figure, Catalina de Erauso “the Lieutenant Nun.”

She is the author of “In Search of Catalina de Erauso: The National and Sexual Identity of the Lieutenant Nun,” and has been an invited speaker on the topic at academic conferences and Basque cultural centers around the world.