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Want to find out more about our screenplay ghostwriting service? We’re profiling another of our ghostwriters today so you’ve got all the info you need about how it works: Bob Canning!

Bob Canning

Name: Bob Canning

Accolades: Winner: WriteMovies Spring 2017 Screenwriting Contest, BURNER (Further screenwriting awards from Nicholl, Page, and others)

Favorite genres: Comedy, Crime/Mystery, Historical, Supernatural

Profile: Bob Canning is a published and produced playwright whose stage plays have entertained audiences on both sides of the Atlantic. He is the winner of two international awards (Ireland) and one from the prestigious Julie Harris-Beverly Hills Theatre Guild. His screenplays have won or placed in several competitions (Nicholl, PAGE, et al).

While his WriteMovies Award winner, BURNER: A Killing in Palm Springs, a noir drama, is earning industry attention, Bob’s specialty has always been comedy (all sub-genres, including animation). He conceived and wrote a direct-to-video sex comedy that went Platinum in sales and begat two successful sequels. He has written advertising copy for print, radio and TV, and was a writer at Disney Studios (14 years), Warner Bros. (five), and a freelance reporter (nine). Bob also wrote 17 essays for George Lucas’s book, “Blockbusting Movies” (HarperCollins).

Testimonials: “For some years, I’ve known Bob Canning’s work as a playwright and screenwriter. Whenever I attended one of his plays or read one of his screenplays, I came away with a new respect for his work.”  — Marvin J. Levy, Exec., DreamWorks SKG/Amblin Entertainment

“BURNER: A Killing in Palm Springs is flat-out amazing and it legitimately blew me away!” — Matt Dy, Austin Film Festival

Bob Says: “Working in theater is the best training ground for collaborating (with producers, directors, actors and designers) and it makes you a team player. Working at Disney for as long as I have with various “Hollywood marketing types” tests your patience, resilience and ability to “play well with others” (It also strengthens your sense of humor.) While I take criticism well, it needs to be clear, constructive and not rambling or equivocal. Know what you want so that I know what I must write.”

If you think Bob Canning is the right person to ghostwrite your screenplay, get in touch with us by emailing or find out more about our ghoswriting service by clicking HERE!


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