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We hope everyone’s had the best Thanksgiving you were able to in these challenging times – and to make things even better, we’re offering special offers on our script reports! Get the expert advice you need to improve your script in our Black Friday sale, with discounts until next Friday December 4th.

Feedback from other people is VITAL for any writer, but it’s important to get the right kind. WriteMovies will provide you with an honest, constructive critique of your work that will tell you exactly what it’s strengths and weaknesses are, the areas that need the most improvement, and how it stands in the current market.

We’re uniquely qualified to help. Our founder, Dr Alex Ross, recently completed his doctorate on why films succeed and fail, and all our script reports are completed to studio standard. Find out what it will take for your script to shine from the BEST.

We’ll provide an assessment of all the important elements of your script, including its concept, characters, structure, dialogue, and commercial viability. We’ll show you how it would be viewed by top studios and what needs to change to make it the best it can be.

On top of the feedback you need, you also get FREE, automatic entry to our current contests when you buy one of our script reports: the Romance and Comedy Award 2021 and the Winter 2021 Screenwriting Contest are now OPEN! With a top prize of $3500, plus script development and pitching to industry for all our winners, you don’t want to miss out.

And you can also resubmit a new draft of your script to the contests, totally free of charge, once you’ve implemented the feedback from our report!

STUDIO COVERAGE – was $99, now $89!

  • Professional notes on your script’s cinematic potential by expert an expert script analyst.
  • A one-page synopsis summarizing the key points of the story.
  • One page of feedback from professional readers similar to what producers and executives get.
  • An assessment of the core elements of your screenplay.

DEVELOPMENT NOTES – was $149, now $119!

  • A comprehensive analysis of your script, focusing on topics such as concept, structure, characters, and commercial viability.
  • Five plus pages of in-depth feedback that covers every element of the project.
  • Identifies key strengths and weaknesses in your script.
  • Suggestions for how to improve your work and take it to the next level.

Click HERE to find out more about WriteMovies’ script reports and take advantage of our Black Friday sale – ends Friday December 4th!