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A BEAUTY AND THE BEAST review from Susan Wloszczyna at How does the live action remake compare to the beloved animation?

Top movie review website has recently looked over the new BEAUTY AND THE BEAST remake… adaptation… whatever you want to call it. It’s an intellectual and intriguing review for a film that somehow managed to balance skepticism and enthusiasm before its release.

An interesting review from Susan Wloszczyna at This review insightfully looks at the way Disney’s marketing strategy started to change in the 90s and how it could best manipulate its beloved fairy tale animations.

It’s a clever marketing tactic to take a classic film, that many adore and to reinvent it one way or another. Video games and merchandise has proved successful in the past, but in recent years, live action remakes, prequels and sequels have not just proved successful commercially, but also popular with regular film audiences. ALICE IN WONDERLAND, MALEFICENT and THE JUNGLE BOOK were all popular films putting a new twist on the Disney animations, and the trend continues with BEAUTY AND THE BEAST and many more queuing up…

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