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valley_large Valley of Angels is going to premiere on Saturday, March 3rd at the NY Intl Film & Video Festival (actually in Los Angeles). The screening will be at 4pm at the Sunset Laemmle. The festival website is Tickets can be purchased there or at a short web teaser trailer is up at or at YouTube & iFilm. Plot Summary West Los Angeles – home of the young, rich and hip. It is also home to twenty-five year old Zachary “Zeus” Andrews. Transplanted from Chicago as a kid, Zeus never fit into the hip LA culture. As a way to make a living in his undesirable world, Zeus peddles drugs to wealthy kids. He desperately seeks the path on which his destiny lies – that is until he meets a girl who seems to transcend the shallow culture they inhabit. She gives him the purpose he has long sought. But the reality of the gritty drug culture explodes into Zeus’ life in the most shattering of ways. He must find a way out of his current existence within a very dangerous world to reach a place of enlightenment he so desperately seeks.

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