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General Film News

There could have been life on Mars in BLADE RUNNER 2049.
David Bowie was Villeneuve’s first choice to play Leto’s character in the sci-fi sequel.

All is not as it seems… AMC makes an investment in virtual reality startup company, also backed by Hollywood stars.
AMC Buys Into VR, Investing $20 Million In Dreamscape Theatrical Rollout

The Na’vi are finally coming back to Earth! AVATAR’s long-awaited sequel enters production… FINALLY!

The Late Late Hollywood Film Awards Show
– James Corden is returning to host the Hollywood Film Awards for 2017.

Ellen wants Hollywood to turn the Page on creating change in the industry.
The JUNO star urges Hollywood to stop just talking about change and make it happen for real.

IT will be another scary year when 2019 comes around…
The sequel to the successful re-adaptation of IT is getting a sequel in 2019.

KINGSMAN 2’s cut jokes Trumped by the president himself…
Director of KINGSMAN 2 cut Donald Trump jokes to offer escapism to audiences.

There’s been a disturbance in the force… Star War Ep IX moves to December 2019 release date.

WriteMovies-discovered writer off to Netflix!
Andrew Niccol (THE TRUMAN SHOW) has signed up ANON with streaming giants Netflix.

Reminiscing on the original replicants…
Cast and crew of the tech-noir BLADE RUNNER reminisce on the first film as its sequel approaches.

He had a particular set of skills… Liam Neeson to retire from action flicks. We were a little Taken aback by this.

Will hollywood reign strong once again with their King-ly films?
Stephen King adaptations seem to be coming back strong this Summer, so Hollywood are gonna be making hundreds more of them…

Myers to be a Killer Queen addition? Groovy Baby!

Spike Lee and Jordan Peele – the team-up you never realized you wanted.
spike Lee and Jordan Peele come together for social thriller on the KKK.

Theron is da bomb in Cold War flick. Theron to a winner with Charlize in ATOMIC BLONDE.
Charlize Theron is the hottest thing about Cold War film ATOMIC BLONDE‘Atomic-Blonde,’-Theron-heats-up-the-Cold-War

Feature length mac daddy coming soon…
Director of upcoming documentary discusses putting Obama’s last 12 months in office on film.

Barack to the future! Part 1: Biden Time…
Kickstarter aims to make Obama and Biden the next RICK AND MORTY

One rotten tomato spoils the whole barrel.
Is Rotten Tomatoes in part to blame for Hollywood’s poor Summer? Sorta…

Distribution for Bond could become shaken, not stirred…
Apple and Amazon bid to become new distributors for the BOND franchise.

Superheroes to stand alone in ever expanding universes: Stand alone superhero films set to become ever more common as the quality of expanded universes fades.



Studio Exec makes it Paramount to reinvigorate his new film company.



The Oscars race is on! What has Venice and Toronto told us about the Oscar race this year?

Looking for some tips, eh? Screenwriting from Aaron Sorkin from TFF.

The battle for a little golden man has begun…
Toronto Film Festival provides good insight into which films could be dominant during awards season.

The perfect place for survival themed films… Toronto. In these dark times, the Toronto Film Festival has seen a theme run through its showings – survival.

The mother of all films this year? MOTHER intrigues and excites Venice as it potentially becomes an early Oscar front runner.

Hollywood Merchants of Venice… big performances here could lead to Oscar glory…

Cannes you find a niche market for your script? Useful advice…



They were so serious about this Joker of a script…
The Joker origin script is almost complete.

Kennedy and Nixon buddying up for new film.
All the latest script sales and news from script pipeline including, a hungover Joker origin, Homecoming script partners teaming back up, and the women are taking the lead…

A Supernatural Se7EN is one of the many scripts sold in July. See what’s selling right now here…


Box-Office Film News

Is Winter the new Summer for blockbusters?
Release dates of big films this year suggest that Winter is the season to be jolly for Hollywood.

Blame the stream, not the Tomatoes.
Streaming culture appears to have played a bigger part in Hollywood’s recent flops than Rotten Tomatoes.

IT was horrifying. IT broke records.
The new re-adaptation of Stephen King’s IT breaks Box-Office horror records

After Summer fell short, Hollyood hopes Fall will be hot. After the poor Summer Hollywood has had, hopes have fallen on the Fall to up ticket sales.

A slow, quiet and low-grossing end for August…

Hollywood’s Fall Trump cards…

Summer flopbusters – Notice the trends of Summer flops to avoid the same pitfalls.


Hollywood and the Internet, Streaming, and more!

The Apple of our eye… Apple is coming for ya Hollywood.
Apple aims to become the next big heavyweight in Hollywood and your living room.

Like for Facebook acquiring films, comment for Apple, share for YouTube Red…
Film acquisitions from Film Festivals could be in the hands of Facebook and Apple in the near future.

AI’s Plan to rule the world. Step 1: Become Hollywood Stars

Apple’s interest in TV shows grows its rivalry with Spotify – but apparently not Netflix!

Hollywood ❤ Internet. Another love story that’s better than TWILIGHT.
Streaming services becoming a new home for Hollywood flicks.

Hollywood’s need to adapt to avoid cybercrime.



Small screen, big winners – the Emmys Creative Arts Awards are in!


Culture and Society


The times Hollywood went to the far right… of the map.
Hollywood’s political campaigns – A look back at Hollywood’s political films.

Hollywood vs Trump rages on as DACA ends…
Hollywood stars and execs are furious` with the President’s decision to end the DACA program.

What’s weighing Hollywood down

Black actors are the new… black.

Is China the Emperor to Hollywood’s Vader? China are invested in more than just Hollywood stories…


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