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The Horror Award standard deadline is coming up! Have you got a horror story that would make Stephen King would be proud? Enter our Horror Award before December 5th and save $10!

The horror genre still provides audiences with thrills and significant breakthroughs for new writers to make a name for themselves.

A great example of this is writer/director Rob Savage with HOST (2020), which he shot in the middle of the pandemic. The result was a highly suspenseful supernatural horror film that was shot over Zoom!

Since they released the film for streaming on Shudder, Savage has signed a 3-film contract at Blumhouse Productions (production house behind THE PURGE, INSIDIOUS, and the reboot HALLOWEEN franchise). This is one of countless examples of writers breaking into industry through the horror genre. Could the next success story be you?

Submit here now for $49 and your chance to win:

  • Guaranteed pitching to industry
  • Two sets of Development Notes to help take your script to the next level
  • Further advice to fine tune your script from our experts

Plus, all entries will receive one page of feedback on their first 10 pages and free entry to our 2022 Screenwriting Contest, giving you the chance to win the Grand Prize of $3500.

Click here to enter – only one week to the Horror Award standard deadline!


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