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August 5th: Writing Unique Voices in Dialogue


Booking for this event has now closed. Please email to join the waiting list for the On-Demand version of this event when it becomes available.

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In real life, everyone speaks in their own unique voice – and that means that the same should be true in screenplays! Giving your characters their own unique way of speaking will make them seem more realistic and help an audience view them as genuine people they should care about.

This online session from WriteMovies will help you to develop unique voices in dialogue. We’ll be discussing how these voices are inextricably linked to the characters themselves and how to avoid making them all sound the same, with activities to help you develop your skills in this area.


You will learn:

  • How to make each of your characters sound distinctive
  • The link between dialogue and personality
  • The factors that affect the way a person talks
  • Borrowing from the real world for your writing
  • Conceiving how other people think and talk



Price: $30
Date: August 5th 2021 + VoD
Time: 12pm PDT / 3pm EDT / 8pm GMT
Duration: Approximately 1 hour + Q&A
Location: Online via Zoom


Ian Kennedy, WriteMovies DirectorAbout the tutor

Ian Kennedy has been working in the international screenplay industry since 2010 and has been WriteMovies Director since 2016.

He has helped hundreds of writers to improve their scripts since 2002 and was personally praised by Hollywood players Shaun Redick (producer, GET OUT, BLACKKKLANSMAN) and Peter Saphier (Co-Producer, SCARFACE) after meetings with them.

Previously he wrote 135 scripts for urban BBC series SILVER STREET over the course of 5 years, which won 3 awards during that time (2004-2009).

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