Black Friday Sale - 5% off our Ghostwriting service!

2023 Black Friday Sale – 5% off our Ghostwriting service!

Our Ghostwriting service has been getting a lot of interest lately – and we’ve got award-winning writers ready and able to turn your great idea into an industry-ready script. Get in touch today and get 5% off any Ghostwriting service for enquiries between Black Friday and December 31st 2022! Your confidentiality will be protected by Non Disclosure Agreements on all sides and best of all, we’ll provide studio-quality Development Notes at each stage of the scriptwriting process to always push the project to the next level. To get the ball rolling email, or find out more now on our Ghostwriting page!

You can choose the award-winning screenwriter and fee that suits you…
We’ll reach out to our approved award-winning screenwriters to tell them the genre and format of the project. When a writer expresses an interest, we’ll then provide a short description of the project (including a potential ‘logline’) to them, and they can send us their rates and availability timescales for delivering the work. We’ll provide a summary of the interested writers and their rates, for you to choose the writer who you’d like to take your idea project forwards.

And at every step of the way, we’ll be here to help you get the best script your idea can get! Get in touch today by emailing, or find out more about our Ghostwriting service now on our Ghostwriting page!

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