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Since 1999, millions of writers and filmmakers from all over the world have visited our site and benefited from the wide array of news, information, tips, reviews, contests, consulting services etc. that we offer, most of them for free. Some of you received Academy Award nominations for big studio movies, others went on to make tiny indie movies. Others carved out careers as successful novelist and playwrights. Either way, the “Writers Community” is here for you to use. It has benefited from the feedback from thousands of you over the years. What makes us proudest is when we hear back from you and get to share in your success. Get stuck in and enjoy!

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The Confidential Studio Manual – Want to know what makes producers, studio execs. & agents decide for or against your project? Compiled from actual, confidential studio documents. Avoid the red flags. Write to sell. “This is a must for any writer who wants to understand how their material is perceived by a buyer. It is invaluable”. Tom Craig, former Universal Studios Senior Executive VP of Production (“Shakespeare in Love”, “White Palace”, “Beethoven”). READ MORE…