James Stephen Hoyle

JamesI was born in Sheffield, pills England in 1988 and lived there for three years before moving to my current town of Warwick (it has a beautiful castle if anyone ever visits the UK). I had a rather uneventful childhood, try being a nerdy kid who was happier watching Star Trek and singing in a church choir than out playing soccer or smoking behind the school bike sheds. One thing that did make a heavy impact upon my childhood was early attempts at filmmaking. I remember some of my early attempts vividly, most of them being in black and white. At the age of ten I graduated to color and created my own action and drama films, and in 2001 I directed a war film which was my first truly original project. I became somewhat overambitious with later projects, culminating in a confused space opera that was ultimately an artistic failure. Yet, I feel that I gained invaluable experience with these no-budget films, such as in dealing with actors, scripts, cameras, editing, and even limited set creation and model work. With university my enthusiasm for filmmaking did not diminish, and in my spare time I continued to brainstorm plots and to write screenplays. I had three great years at university (Corpus Christi, Cambridge) studying History before I began my search for work experience in the film industry. Nothing is more important to me than doing SOMETHING in film, though my ultimate goal is to be a screenwriter and director. Email: james.hoyle@cantab.net