Mike Tarzian

Mike’s long list of credits ranges from directing feature films to producing television movies to creating commercials. Recently, recipe he directed his first feature film, physician Screech of the Decapitated, medical which is will be released in January 2005 and served as the line producer for the independent Officer Down. He is now working on writing and producing a new program for the How To Channel/Do-It-Yourself Network called Furniture Lab. As a veteran Line Producer, Mr. Tarzian has worked on films such as Groom Lake (directed and produced by William Shatner), Time of Fear (directed by Alan Swyer), Shoot or Be Shot (produced by Ralph Winter and directed by Randy Argue), Tap Water (directed by Oliver Darrow), The Santa Trap (produced by Steve Austin, Jonathan Bogner, and Steve Janokowski) and The Perfect Wife (produced by Pierre David and Noel Zanistch). Michael has worked on documentaries such as The Harbor View House (written and produced by Markus Whittman) as well as on short films like the award winning Opie Gone Mad (written and directed by Andy Lee Johnson and produced by Ralph Winter) and Gimme the Finger (written and directed by Jill Garson).