Julia Verdin

British Producer JULIA VERDIN has established herself as one of Hollywood’s leading independent Producers. Julia produced the critically acclaimed 2004 Newmarket release STANDER, prescription a British/Canadian/South African co-production starring Tom Jane, advice Deborah Unger, ampoule Dexter Fletcher and David O’Hara directed by Bronwen Hughes (‘Forces of Nature’). Julia is a Co-Executive Producer on MERCHANT OF VENICE, directed by Michael Radford, starring Al Pacino, Jeremy Irons and Joseph Fiennes witch was released to great critical acclaim by Sony Classics December 2004, and Co-Producer on RIDING THE BULLET based on a Steven King story directed By Mick Garris starring David Arquette, Jonathan Jackson, Erica Christensen and Barbara Hershey, released theatrically autumn 2004. Other projects in development include LOLA MONTEZ, a wonderful period piece based on the true story of Lola Montez a renowned 19th century courtesan/dancer who led a very flamboyant life, involving herself with many of the top artistic figures of the era culminating with her relationship with King Ludvig of Bavaria and through her political influence on the king creating civil war there. SUMMERHILL to be directed by top British director Gilles McKinnon based on the true story of the British school, Summerhill that the Government tried to close down but were circumvented by the pupils who took them to court and won. FLESH AND SOULS, a horror thriller to be directed by Morgan J Freeman. Julia is also the director of British company Seven Arts Films and is actively developing several projects for the company including NEUROMANCER based on the William Gibson bestseller to be directed by Joseph Kahn, WAVELENGTH to be directed by Dennis Dugan a fish out of water comedy to be shot in Ireland. WHITE LILY to be directed by Greg Widen to shoot in Russia, DOG SOLDIERS 2, a sequel to the successful DOG SOLDIERS movie. to be directed by Rob Green set to shoot in Budapest March 2006. LOST LAGOON, an action adventure film to be directed by British director Tony Hickox. Julia started her producing career as head of production for the U.K. Company WASA Films. During her four years at WASA, Julia was involved in setting up THE FOURTH PROTOCOL, based on Frederick Forsythe best seller, starring Michael Caine, Pierce Brosnan and Joanna Cassidy. Julia then went on to produce SPYTRAP, a comedy directed by Arthur Sherman and released in the U.S. by Hemdale. Following this, she produced THE OPEN WINDOW, directed by Rupert Wainwright for Chanticleer, which premiered on Showtime. Before leaving WASA, Julia also developed two projects, A WITCH IN NEW YORK and JUNK JOHNSON, which were picked up by Orion and Pathe/MGM. In addition, Julia produced a short film for Philips Interactive Media of America and produced and hosted the international entertainment TV show HOLLYWOOD UPDATE. She has also produced segments and acted as one of the lead presenters for the British entertainment series INVITATIONS. Prior to her producing career Julia started in the film business as an actress and appeared in several British films and popular British TV series. Additional credits:

  • I Witness
  • Green Mail
  • The Shipment
  • The Contaminated Man
  • STYX
  • In Pursuit
  • Ballard of the Nightingale
  • Lone Hero
  • Black Point
  • Slipstream
  • Infinite Darkness
  • Past Perfect
  • The Set Up
  • Temptation
  • Matters of Trust
  • Detour
  • Perfect Assassins