We’re back and looking forward to an exciting new wave of screenwriting opportunities and industry engagement. We’ve got lots of news and a new Contest Manager to introduce, ready for the launch of our 2023 Horror Award on Monday for Halloween!

Here’s a taste of the exciting news and articles to come!

  • WriteMovies Services - exciting screenwriting opportunities and industry engagement...Meet our new Contest Manager – revealed below!
  • Horror Award 2023 – launches on Halloween, October 31st! And other prizes including an all-new prize celebrating all that makes people unique…
  • Meet our 2022 winners – and find out how we’re taking them to the industry!
  • Elite Oxford University lectures by our founder Alex Ross
  • Alex’s new book and publications about the industry and famous films, with industry insider interviews
  • The Bravest Bonds: the Daniel Craig 007 legacy, and where the biggest movie franchise goes next
  • And the latest news and offers from all of our services, from WriteMovies Academy to Ghostwriting!

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The WriteMovies Team


I´m your new Contest Manager Pawlie, working with you and our team to improve your scripts; helping to get them out there to an audience that is craving your thoughts, your abilities, and most of all your stories.

Ghostly Greetings!

Why not avail yourself of that HALLOWEEN feeling by submitting your Horror Script to our 2023 Horror Award, which launches on MONDAY 31st OCTOBER!

WriteMovies.com Horror Award 2023This year we are really searching for your best effort.

Don´t be afraid… you know when you´re in the shower and you have a doubt about your script, you just can´t let that feeling go, don´t let it haunt your dreams.

You´ve got to consider it from all angles, re-imagine it; be the audience.

This is where we can help.

Our team can be that audience. We will begin to work with you and your script as all entries will receive one page of feedback on the first 10 pages with lots more help and advice available.

A great exponent of this structure is Quentin Tarantino, who commented that writing “is usually a very solitary exercise, and we all need readers, as well as someone to brainstorm with or give us the tough notes. I highly recommend finding someone you click with and trust to help you through drafts. This support can be the one element that finally pushes you through to the end of a project” (see article here).

Writers are more and more breaking into the industry through the Horror genre – it’s a great source for screenwriting opportunities and industry engagement.

Could the next success story be you?


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