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Please thank the reviewer for all his detailed effort. Excellent and job well done! Thanks again for handling this.

Hi Alex - I've finished my edits based on the last round of coverage. I think that maxes me out at 4! I wanted to thank you so much for your help and understanding along the way. Lots of times through contests or festivals you can tell that the people in charge are completely out of touch with the experience of the writer and frankly don't care. But you and your team have been amazing and I have a better script because of it. Thank you!!
-Natalie H.-

Your contest, the Write Movies International Writing Competition, embodies the first major opportunity for success as screenwriters and filmmakers these two have. To even make it as finalists testifies to what they can achieve. All invested in adev.ious.plot look forward to seeing the final results of this contest and will continue to fight for every scrap of success they can.
-Michael M. & Tyson N.-
I just wanted to say thank you for a great lunch today. It was really enlightening to sit down with people with so much experience in the business and talk about how things get done in Hollywood. I especially loved everyone's input on how to pitch a story. It was like a crash course in the way Hollywood works all over one lunch.
Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! Thanks to everybody at WriteMovies for running such great contests. Thrilled to take 3rd place!
See you at the movies,

Just a quick thank you for the honest and thorough evaluation I've received for "Arnies Beef Palace." Incidentally, the more that I thought about it... the happier I was with the results. I felt that the value received from the comments was easily worth the $100. I felt that the story was accurately picked apart, the flaws of the scripts brought to light... I remain quite pleased.
-Craig P.-
The coverage is superb! The analyst, identified as Eok, pinpointed every weakness and offered some excellent suggestions for improvement. I am grateful for this reader's talents and percipience. What a gift!